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Everybody who has used or going to use the lockers in the labs, you’re advised to take care of your belongings and not to leave your things unattended. In addition, we’re going to clean out the lockers every three months. Fear not, we’re going to store any items we remove so we’re able to return it to the rightful owner. There will be notification signs to let you know when this will happen.

General Lockers
Participants, researchers and students may use the general lockers located in the G-wing of the labs. Use the control panel and follow the instructions.

Lockers G-Wing

Researchers and Students
There are additional lockers available in E.006 and E.044. In order to get access to these labs, please request or update your Salto/Daypass. These lockers use a four-digit code which you can configure beforehand.

Lockers E.006

Lockers E.044

More information
If you’ve any questions or if you’re unable to open your locker(s) anymore, please drop by at G.007 or send us an email at labs.fsw@uu.nl.