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Recruiting Participants

There are several ways to recruit your participants. We will give you some options that are available to get your participants.

For the advertisement of studies to potential participants, the faculty uses the SONA system (Social and Behavioural Sciences research participation system). Studies advertised on this system can offer ‘proefpersoonuren’ (Psychology students only) and/or financial compensation for participation.
In addition to advertising via Sona system, researchers can put up posters and flyers to increase exposure for their study. There are several locations in the Langeveld Building where research posters may be put up.

Upstairs at the reception desk
Putting up posters on the first floor requires a stamp of approval from the security guard at the reception desk. Talk to the security guard at the reception desk for instructions.

Downstairs at the Tech Support Desk
Putting up posters on the board next to the support desk requires you to add an end date for when the poster can be removed. Posters without an end date will be removed.

There is also a dedicated Facebook group aimed at finding participants that are interested in participating for a monetary reward.

More information
Contact the Tech Support Desk or send an email (labs.fsw@uu.nl) if you need more information.