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Contact @ FSS Tech Support

Contact @ FSS Techsupport

You may use our contact form to address your issue(s) to the Tech Support Desk team. We strongly recommend to search our website or FAQ page first before you submit your issue(s) here. Perhaps there is already a solution at hand.

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If you would like to request a Salto tag, please go to our Salto / Daypass page.

If you experience any issues with Salto tags, please describe the issue in your message.

Have you already searched on our Sona page? There are official Sona videos as well as a FAQ section for general issues.

If you could't find your issue, please add the name of your study if possible in your message.

Need access to any lab space? Please go to our Salto / Daypass page.

If you want some advice about lab space, please give us a short description of your study (i.e. method, N-participants, duration of the experiment, timeframe for data collection) in your message.

Please indicate what kind of issue(s) you are experiencing with our lab hardware and in which lab (room) this is happening in your message.

If you want to borrow equipment, please use our Borrow Equipment page.

If you need a specialised tool or need additional information, please specify what you will need and for what purpose in your message.

Have you tried to find a solution on one of our Software pages? Instructions about licensing can be found there.

For other questions, please indicate the device you are using and which software package you need troubleshooting with in your message.

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Information about connecting and mounting external drives can be found on our Computation Server (CS) page.

If you have any issues related to the CS, please indicate which one you're using in your message.

Information about requesting access and instructions about several data storage options can be found on our Data Storage page. Some frequent issues can be found there as well.

Please indicate which data storage option applies to you and if you have any issues or need some advice related to data storage in your message.

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