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For the advertisement of studies to potential participants, the faculty uses the Sona systems (Social and Behavioural Sciences research participation system). Studies advertised on this system can offer credits or ‘proefpersoonuren’ (Psychology students only) and/or financial compensation for participation. Setting up studies and accrediting credits requires researchers to have a researcher account on Sona systems. Below you will find additional information concerning how to use Sona systems. If you would like to request a researcher account please fill in the form below.

If you’re a first year’s Bachelor Psychology student, please don’t make an account of your own. Sona accounts will be given to you and an email with login credentials will be sent to your UU email.

Requesting a Researcher account

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To add a study, choose the Add New Study option from the top toolbar. You can pick one of four possible types of studies. Next, you have to specify whether participants receive credits or monetary compensation for their participation. If you wish to have participants participate for both credits and money, create a credit study and add separate mention of the available payment.

After you choose the study type, you will see a form asking for basic study information such as the name of the study and the credit/payment information. You can also share your study with additional researchers by adding them to the list of researchers. Studies have to be set to both approved (ethical approval) and active to be visible to participants. All basic study information can be edited at a later point in time.

To manage your Timeslots and sign-ups go to My studies, find the correct study and select ‘Timeslots’. This will bring you to an overview of all the Timeslots created for your study. Here you can add Timeslot by selecting ‘Add a time slot’ or ‘Add multiple Timeslots’. You can also edit existing Timeslots by locating them and selecting ‘modify’.

Selecting modify also allows you to manually sign-up participants for your study. This is necessary when participants sign-up outside of the Sona systems and want to receive credits for their participation. To complete a manual sign-up, find an open Timeslot and select modify. Scroll down the Timeslot information page to Manual Sign-Up, and add the participant using either their name or student ID. Following manual sign-up you will be able to grant your participants credits.

Students at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences can participate in exchange for credit. To Grant (or revoke) credits go to ‘My study’, locate your study and select ‘Timeslots’. Next find the correct Timeslot and select ‘modify’. Here you can find your participant and grant them credits by setting the sign-up to ‘participated’ and selecting the correct number of credits (pp-uur). Next, save your changes by selecting ‘Update Sign-ups’.

I want to set up a study so that participants can choose to receive credit or payment. How do I set this up?
Set it up as a study for credit, and note in the study description that participants may opt to receive payment instead. They should notify the researcher of this when they come to their appointment. If the participant at that time chooses to receive monetary compensation, the researcher should grant credit, but mark the credit as 0 credits (Variable Credit Granting must be enabled in System Settings by the administrator), and then note in the comments for the timeslot that payment was received.

The monetary compensation a participant receives for a study depends on decisions they make during the study. How do I indicate this?
You may type any value into the payment field when setting up the study, so you could type in a range of compensation values.

I have finished running my study. What should I do?
So it does not clutter the list of studies for participants, you should make the study Inactive or delete it. See the Updating a Study section of this documentation for more information.

I want a participant to participate in an upcoming session, but the system says it is too late for them to sign up. What do I do?
You can perform a manual sign-up by finding the time slot, pressing modify, and filling in the Manual sign-up section at the bottom of the page.

Where are email notifications to me sent?
Email notifications (e.g. sign-up notices) are sent to either an address derived from your user ID or your alternate email address. See the Email Address Options section of this documentation for more information.

Who has access to my studies?
All users can see the information about your studies and the available timeslots. Administrators, the principal investigator (if applicable) and the researchers for the study are the only people who can see who has signed up, and modify the study.

More information
Contact the Tech Support Desk or send an email (labs.fsw@uu.nl) if you need more information. Utrecht University also has a special page about participants, only in Dutch though.