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Here we’re going to show you a list of common issues we’ve encountered.

CSV files can be generated by survey tools like Qualtrics that can be imported in for instance SPSS or Excel. For a more detailed explanation, please use the following link.
Please go to our office so we can explain to you how to login our lab computers.
The connection between your electrodes and the skin of the participant are a bit faulty. Try to use the proper way of applying the connection. Try not to use a lot of gel, just enough. The blue light should be steady for proper results.

Another issue could be that one of your electrodes is faulty. Try to unplug the electrodes one by one at the BioSemi AD Box and check the blue light. When the blue light flickers you will know when you will have a faulty electrode. Replace that electrode with another and try again.

More information
Contact the Tech Support Desk or send an email (labs.fsw@uu.nl) if you need more information. If you want to share your issue with solution, please let us know as well. We will update this list when needed.