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Borrowing Equipment

We offer a variety of equipment that can be borrowed for conducting research within the lab or at external locations. For example, laptops and peripherals can be borrowed to set up a test location outside the lab. To borrow equipment please fill out the reservation form below. We will contact you to let you know your reservation has been successful.

Request Borrowing Equipment

Borrowing Lab Equipment
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Specify a quantity between 1 and 100
Use [CTRL]+Click or [CMD]+Click to select multiple items
Start date should be at least one week in advance
Please read these terms and conditions

- Please return all equipment in the same state that you've received it in
- Keep current back-ups of your data
- Remove all your data before returning your device
- If you require our equipment longer then planned, please let us know beforehand

More information
If you haven’t found your preferred tool in the form above or if you have enquiries concerning specific research tools, please contact the Tech Support Desk or send an email (labs.fsw@uu.nl).