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Rules of Conduct

The Langeveld Lab contains over 50 laboratory spaces, and is home to a wide variety of research. In many cases, these spaces are shared with multiple researchers from different departments and research groups. To facilitate a functional work environment for all of the researchers, we would like to ask everyone to adhere to the following rules.

Don’t change setups or settings
Please avoid changing anything about the setup (i.e. monitor position, monitor height) or settings (i.e. screen resolutions, sound levels) of the experimental setups in the lab. In many cases, experimental setups have been carefully calibrated for the experiment(s) being conducted. This means that changing anything about the setup can have serious impact on another researchers data collection. If you have to change something about a setup contact us or the key-user(s) of the lab/experimental setup. Also, if you change settings from the default, please change them back after you measurements. Finally, if you want to move any of the equipment in the labs to another lab, or use them at an external location, please contact us.

Back-up your experiments and data
We do not keep back-ups of the data on the computers in the desktops/laptops in the lab. This means that if something happens to the system your working on, you will lose all files stored on that system. Make sure to keep local backups (USB, harddisk) of your data, or store your data using the various Data Storage options available.

Keep your lab clean and presentable
Most labs are used by multiple researchers to test a wide range of participants. As such, we would like to keep the labs clean and presentable for our researchers and their participants. Please leave the labs as clean as, or cleaner then, you found it. We have cleaning equipment available in G0.07 that you can borrow to clean-up your lab.

Don’t occupy a lab if you don’t have to
The labs are often used by multiple research groups/researchers. As such, labs should not be occupied for other purposes then collecting data or piloting experiment. Programming experiments and data analysis should be conducted outside the lab if possible. We have several Data Processing Rooms available to facilitate programmings and analysis outside the lab.